Eyeball Jet Nozzles
Eyeball Jet Nozzles
Eyeball Jet Nozzles

Special characteristics

  • REVLON Eyeball Jet Nozzles are fully Plastic parts no metal part and rust free operation all time.
  • Eye ball Jet Nozzles design is highly suitable for delivering a powerful stream of air over long distance.
  • Discharge angle of eyeball movement from –30° to +30° .
  • Its ability to deliver an accurate air for spot cooling applications.
  • Easy to remove face cover ring with bayonet fixing.


  • Eyeball jet nozzles are used for supply air discharge with long throw distance.
  • For production halls, gymnasiums, theatres and conference rooms as well as for large internal spaces in airports, railway stations and shopping centers.
  • Attractive design element for building owners and architects with demanding aesthetic requirements.
  • For push fitting directly onto circular ducts or as a branch off circular or rectangular ducts

Nominal sizes

  • Ø160, Ø200, Ø250, Ø315, Ø400

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