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Design & Benefits

  • 100% new update PP cabinet, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-deformation
  • High efficient evaporative cooling pad, good cooling effect, easy to clean.
  • Open type water distributor, smooth water flow and not easy to jam.
  • Intelligent controller system, equip with multi-function LCD wall controller and remote controller.
  • Aluminum material motor cabinet, 100% copper wire for longer life.
  • Smooth fan blade, low noise, especially suitable for commercial areas.
  • Automatic water inlet system will remind when water shortage.
  • 0-48 hours Automatic cleaning cycle for option.

Heavy Duty Industrial Air Cooler – Energy Efficient Air Cooling for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Revlon is the leading supplier of energy-efficient heavy duty industrial air cooler in India. All the commercial and industrial facilities require efficient cooling to provide a comfortable working atmosphere to their employees. It is also highly significant to improve the efficiency of business processes and equipment installed in the building. A duct air cooler cools all rooms in an enclosed space equally. These devices are perfect for commercial spaces of any size and type, from huge factories and manufacturing units to office spaces and restaurants.

A heavy duty industrial air cooler provides comfortable cooling year around. It can adjust to climate changes and prolonged periods of summer. We manufacture and supply duct air coolers in the required specifications and design. In the manufacturing of each unit, we provide priority to energy efficiency. Our latest range of products, especially industrial air coolers, meets the requirements of modern times. Made in India to the highest possible quality standards,



According to the factory’s industry feature, we can choose Revlon industrial air coolers for factory cooling and ventilation, our Revlon Air coolers are with low power consumption to solve the poor working environment problem and improve recruitment and employment difficult issues. Depending on the air change requirement, noise requirement, investment budget etc, we can consider Revlon different types air coolers with single speed, two-speed or variable speeds, three-phase or single-phase models, axial fan or centrifugal blower type models for different factories.

Technical Specification

Model Rev-18 Rev-20 Rev-25 Rev-30
Airflow(m3/h) 18,000 20,000 25,000 30,000
Power(kW) 1.1 1.5 2.2 3
Frequency inverter 50 HZ 50 HZ 50 HZ 50 HZ
Cooling pad size(mm) (650+30)*770*10 0 (840+30)*770*10 0 (640+30)*860*10 0 (840+30)*860*10 0
Speed 12(TRAIC) 12(TRAIC) 12(TRAIC) 12(TRAIC)
Fan Type Axial Axial Axial Axial
Water Tank(L) 30 30 50 50
Noise(dB(A)) ≤70 ≤70 ≤79 ≤79
Water Consumption(L/H) 10/15 10/15 15-20 15-20
Net Weight(kg) 60 65 85 100
Coverage(m2) 100-120 120-150 120-150 150-180
Dimension(mm) 1.08*1.08*0.98 1.08*1.08*1.18 1.3*1.3*0.98 1.3*1.3*1.18
Air Discharge Down/Top/Side Down/Top/Side Down/Top Down/Top
Air outlet size(mm) 670*670 670*670 800*800 800*800