Eyeball Jet Diffuser
Eyeball Jet Diffuser

​Rev Aircon India “EyeBall” Nozzle Diffuser ASJN804 is an excellent choice when you need to throw supply air over a large distance into the occupied zone, particularly when ceiling diffusers are simply too high/impractical to mount. The Diffuser has a characteristic “EYEBALL” which can be moved in different directions to provide a very wide range of movement from the side wall. The pivoting movement of the Eyeball is ± 20° to ± 30° .

All Aluminium Construction, Finish Powder Coated in Standard Rev Aircon India White or Rev Aircon India Off White

  • EyeBall Type for Long Throws and Adjustable Angles
  • Available in Various Diameters
  • Ideal for Auditoriums, Airports and Large Open Spaces
  • Powder Coated

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