OT Ceiling Mounted Laminar Air Flow
OT Ceiling Mounted Laminar Air Flow

Product Description

​Having installed numerous Laminar Flow for OTs with & without HVAC, we are confident to handle any upgrade of Operation Theatres to meet regulations and NABH requirements. We manufacture our Laminar Flow units with state-of-the-art HEPA filters and heavy duty Blowers. HEPA filters are selected for enhanced performance and extended life. These have been installed in many Hospitals & Pharma Companies and working continuosly, 24 X 7.

​HVAC system is designed by qualified and experienced design Engineers to meet NABH requirements. HVAC and LAF are integrated and matched perfectly.

​Modular panels made of SS304 sheet with leakfree joints are erected with matching Covings, Return Air Risers/Grilles and flooring. Provision for OT light, pendant gaslines, utilities are also provided.

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