Clean room petition puf panel
Clean room partitions puf panel

​We Develop, Manufacture, Supply and Install complete Clean Room Modular Flush Sandwich Panels / Partitions.Our Panels are manufactured with Galavanized Steel Sheet (G.I.) / Stainless Steel / Aluminium Sheets for the wall skin and high quality of exclusive material Aluminium Profiles for Top & Bottom Tracks and Verticale sides of panels for better flexibility & durability. The intermediate locking system Post Cap is also of Aluminium Profile.We maintain quality of material and process which meets the Global Conformance. These Sandwich Panels / Partition are relocatable and easy to install as required, and tailor made as per Customer Requirements.

Highlights of our Sandwich Panels / Partitions:

  • Top and Bottom profiles are of Aluminium to avoid rusting and have longterm durability, which is exclusively a unique material used by us.
  • All our Sandwich Panels / Partitions are available in solid and with factory fitted Vision Panel which are supplied for ready Installation at site.
  • Perfect Detachable System due to intermediate locking System for relocatable without damages or loss of the modules or components.
  • Intermediate Locking System with Aluminium Post Cap fitting matching the modular design flush for Clean Room Application.
  • Easy for any Operation as each Panel has a unique intermediate locking System which facilitate to remove Single Panel or Add on to the Panel is very easily possible.
  • All Post Caps are press fitted and detachable for easy access of Cabling and other Utilities.
  • Better Flexibility, Durability, Aesthetic and Elegant appearance with the use of Aluminium Profile.
  • All panels are insulated with Polyurethane / Rock Wool insulation and as per customers requirement.


  • Demountable/Relocatable (Facility can be dismantled and shifted easily without damage or loss of modules or components).
  • Modular and Light Weight Construction.
  • Painting and Maintenance Free.
  • Sheet Metal and Aluminium Profiles with Flush & Coved Powder Coated Panels does not allow Micro-organisms growth.
  • Erection and Installation can be done with speed and ease.
  • Exclusive Aluminium Profiles used in the construction of panels.
  • Wall to wall and Wall to Ceiling Corners are Curved with Aluminium Press Fitted Coved Profile.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain.
  • Operation Flexibility and Durability
  • Color Choice as per Client RAL code.

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